Fuel Systems

Comprehensive service covering diagnostics, repair, and optimization of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel rails and lines ensuring efficient fuel consumption and engine performance.


Detailed inspection, repair, and replacement of brake components, including pads, rotors, drums, and hydraulics, for reliable stopping power and safety.


Full-service transmission care, including fluid changes, filter replacements, and transmission rebuilds for smooth gear shifting and driveability.

Engine Rebuilds

In-depth engine restoration services, from basic repairs to complete overhauls, addressing issues like compression loss, excessive oil consumption, and extensive wear.


Inspection and repair of differential components to ensure proper gear engagement, noise reduction, and vehicle handling.

Injection Pumps

Maintenance and repair of injection pumps to improve fuel delivery, engine efficiency, and performance in diesel engines.

Lift Pumps

Servicing and replacement of lift pumps to ensure proper fuel flow from the tank to the engine, crucial for optimal engine function.

Oil Changes

Regular oil and filter changes to maintain engine lubrication, remove impurities, and extend engine life.

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Fuel Injectors:

Installation and optimization of high-performance fuel injectors for improved fuel delivery, enhancing engine efficiency, power, and torque for an upgraded driving experience.

Lift Kits:

Customized installation of lift kits to raise the suspension, providing increased ground clearance and the ability to accommodate larger tires.


Installation and maintenance of turbochargers to boost engine power by increasing the amount of air and fuel that can be combusted.


Pre-Purchase Inspections:

Detailed vehicle assessments are performed before buying, providing insights into the vehicle’s condition, potential repairs, and maintenance needs.

DOT Inspections:

Department of Transportation mandated checks to ensure that all parts and accessories are in proper working order and comply with safety standards.

Regular Check-Ups:

Routine vehicle inspections to identify and address emerging issues, maintain optimal performance, and prevent future breakdowns.

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